Here’s A Look At How ITZY’s Line Distributions Have Varied Since Their Debut

They’re pretty consistent so far!

ITZY debuted in February of 2019, so they’re about a year and a half old. Their new single, “Not Shy”, is also going to be coming out soon, which will be their fourth comeback since they debuted. In the year and a half that they’ve been active, the girls have come out with a dozen songs total, and while that’s not a long time to look at how their line distributions have changed over the course of their discography, it’s still interesting to see how their lines add up! Here are the breakdowns of each member’s line evolutions so far.

1. Ryujin

Ryujin is right in the middle in terms of how many lines she has, with 19.3% of the total. She’s the main rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and center of the group, so she should definitely have her fair share of lines! She is the only member, strangely, whose line evolution shows somewhat of a downward trend, having more lines overall closer to their debut than now, but there is also a lot of variation in the graph as well, so it’s unlikely that the trend will continue!

2. Yeji

Yeji has the most lines in ITZY by a fair amount, with 25.4% of the total. She’s the group’s leader, main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub-rapper, so although her positions are similar to Ryujin’s but in reverse in terms of rapping and singing, she gets quite a few more lines. This isn’t a surprise, given that rappers in non-rap-heavy groups tend to get less lines in general! Though Yeji has some variation in her lines, her line evolution has stayed pretty stable and consistent so far.

3. Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong has the second least amount of lines in the group with 18.2% of the total. She’s the main dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of the group, so it does make sense that she would have less lines so she can focus more on her amazing dancing! She appears to maybe have the slightest upward trend in her line evolution, though it’s hard to tell, but as long as she keeps getting a fair amount of lines for her position, she should be fine!

4. Lia

Lia has the second most lines in ITZY, with 21.2% of the total. She’s the main vocalist and sub-rapper of the group, similarly to Yeji, though without the dancer position. As a main vocalist, she should definitely be getting some of the more prominent lines in the group, which she does! Her line evolution is also pretty stable, with just a bit of variation over time but staying pretty close to the 21% amount.

5. Yuna

And finally, maknae Yuna has the least amount of lines in ITZY, with 15.9% of the total lines. This is interesting, since she’s the lead rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and visual of the group besides being the youngest. Her age might play a factor, given that she’s only 16 years old, and it might just be that she needs more time to gain experience and confidence before she’s given more lines! She also has a very consistent line evolution, without too much variation, but hopefully we’ll see an increase for her in the future!