Here Are 10+ Times Hwang In Yeop Was Total Boyfriend Material

He’s perfect!

Hwang In Yeop has proven he is full of many surprises! For one, he has many talents, modeling, acting, skating, singing, swimming, skiing, kendo, the list goes on and on. Not only does he have many skills, but Hwang In Yeop is also kind, charming, and clearly handsome. Overall, Hwang In Yeop just screams boyfriend material!

Here are 12 pictures that show off how Hwang In Yeop is the ultimate boyfriend material!

1. He’ll always bring you flowers

With a guy as sweet as Hwang In Yeop, you can always expect romantic surprises! Look how lovely his smile is!

| @hi_high_hiy/Instagram

2. Everyone loves a bad-boy

To prepare for his iconic character Han Seo Jun in the hit K-Drama True Beauty, Hwang In Yeop learned how to ride a motorcycle! It definitely suits his bad-boy image.



3. A boyfriend who focuses on his studies? Yes, please!

Sure, a bad boy is nice and all, but a guy who is focused and hardworking is also screams boyfriend material!


4. He’ll always stand up for you

When someone is giving you a hard time, you can always count on Hwang In Yeop to fight for you!


5. Is there a face cuter than this?

Who wouldn’t fall for this face?


6. His voice is enchanting!

Is there anything more romantic than a boy who can sing and play the guitar?! Imagine Hwang In Yeop serenading you with a lovely song.


7. More presents!

In reality, all of these wonderful presents are for him, but I’m sure he’d shower you with just as many gifts from himself.

| @tvndrama.official/Instagram

8. He’s always taking you to the cutest cafes

There’s nothing better than a chill date full of yummy drinks!

| @hi_high_hiy/Instagram

9. He’s a total distraction

Whether you’re in class or on a date, Hwang In Yeop is always sneaking glances at you. Doesn’t his stare just melt your heart?


10. This view is gorgeous

Yes, the tree is beautiful, but the view of Hwang In Yeop is even more stunning!

| @hi_high_hiy/Instagram

11. You already know he’s athletic

His many skills make him everyone’s dream boyfriend!


12. Which one would you cuddle with?

Prepare your hearts because this picture is pack-full of cuteness! Hwang In Yeop with a giant teddy bear is absolutely perfect.

| @hi_high_hiy/Instagram