Can You Identify These Top Korean Actresses Just By Looking At Half Their Faces?

How many can you guess correctly?

So you think you know your share of beautiful Korean actresses. You can spot their glowing visuals from miles away. You know the subtle differences in the natural shapes of their lips and the unique characteristics of their faces that set them apart. Great — You’ll need all that as you test your keen eyes to identify these half-faces. Can you guess all 15 correctly?

1. This Korean Snow White

2. This Lady of The House

3. This Successful Idol Turned Actress

4. This Babe With The Brains

5. This Rom-Com Queen

6. This Rising Superstar

7. This Aegyo Machine

8. This Talented Multi-Player

9. This Chic & Sexy City Gal

10. This Funny Bunny

11. This Ray of Sunshine

12. This Gorgeous Model Turned Actress

13. This Dreamy-Eyed Glory

14. This Young & Influential Beaut

15. This Sensational Visual

Check your guesses!

1. Song Hye Kyo

2. Go Bo Gyeol

3. Suzy

4. Kim Tae Hee

5. Son Ye Jin

6. Kim Go Eun

7. Hyeri

8. IU

9. Park Min Young

10. Jeon So Min

11. Yoo In Na

12. Lee Sung Kyung

13. Park Shin Hye

14. Kim So Hyun

15. Han So Hee