12 Idols That Have Been Released Or Will Be Released From The Army This Year


With the influx of celebrities heading off to the army these few months, fans must have felt sad at seeing them go! However, the later half of 2020 also sees many idols being released from their service! Idols that have enlisted between 2018-2019 are now finishing up the last leg of their compulsory conscription. Here’s a list of 5 beloved singers that are going to be back in the spotlight soon enough.

1. INFINITE’s Sunggyu


The main vocal of INFINITE left for the army in 2018 after announcing his plans to leave in May during his solo concert. He is the earliest of the bunch to be out from the army, having been discharged previously on the 8th of January 2020. He has been planning for musicals and has been actively participating in Kinky Boots.

2. BTOB’s Eunkwang


Our leader was discharged from the army on the 7th of April 2020 after he left for service in 2018. He released his solo EP, Dear My Dear soon after, and has been active in sending off the rest of the members into the army, including their beloved maknae Sungjae.

3. Highlight’s Yoon Dujun


Kind of feels like just yesterday that Highlight was singing “Shock” as B2ST! But the oldest member of the band has already completed his compulsory military service and was released on the 10th of April. He has been active in variety shows and radio hosting, even releasing his first solo album, Daybreak.

4. SHINee’s Onew

Onew was out from the army on the 20th of July, and has been making a slow return to the industry. Check out an adorable video of him making dalgona coffee below!

5. Highlight’s Yoseob


The petite fairy’s first return to the industry will be an MC role on Kakao M’s Comeback Show Music Talk Live.

6. BTOB’s Changseob


Changseob was released from duty on the 21st of August, early due to his remaining vacation days that were pulled forward.

7. BTOB’s Minhyuk


Minhyuk will be out of the army soon, on the coming 12th of September.

8. VIXX’s N


VIXX’s N will be back on the 7th of October, a little bit later than the rest, given that he had previously used all this vacation days and could not get an early discharge. The early discharge was agreed upon and given to soldiers that had remaining vacation days unused, and was granted early discharge due to the coronavirus crisis.

9. SHINee’s Key


Key will be out on the 7th of October as well, as his is a similar case to N’s. We are sure he does not regret spending his vacation days as he always is actively out and about in updates.

10. SHINee’s Minho


Minho will be released from the army on the 15th of November, reuniting SHINee for a brief spell until Taemin enlists. Taemin has to enlist mid 2021 due to certain laws unless he is able to appeal for an extension.

11. INFINITE’s Dongwoo


Dongwoo is also set to be discharged on the 15th of November! It is unclear what he will yet be doing upon release but we’re excited to see him back on stage.

12. EXO’s Xiumin


Xiumin will be out on the 6th of December, making him the first in the group to have successfully completed his military service. It is expected that D.O will soon follow in early 2021.

We’re excited to see what they will do first when they are all released from their duty! Although they may have to go in for retraining every once in a while, fans will be relived to know that these idols will be back for good!

Source: Newsen