5 Idols With Personal YouTube Accounts That’ll Make You Smash That Subscribe Button

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YouTube is great, isn’t it? You can learn how to change a tire, watch Australians drop an airplane off a tower, make banana milk at home, and best of all, see what K-Pop idols are really like when they’re at home.

MAMAMOO’s Solar being relatable AF on her day off | Source: Solarsido/YouTube

Last time, we recommended that you subscribe to MAMAMOO Solar‘s Solarsido, Grace Kim‘s GRAZY GRACE, VIXX N‘s achahakyeon, Crayon Pop Way‘s Wayland, EXO Baekhyun‘s channel, VIXX Ken‘s ! KEN DO !T, and CLC Sorn‘s PRODUSORN.

CLC’s Sorn enjoying a nice meal with groupmate

Well, we’re back again to recommend 5 more channels to you! Get your fingers ready to smash that subscribe button because you’re going to want to follow them for excellent content.

1. KARD Somin’s Minny J

2. N.Flying Jaehyun and Hun’s 2IDIOTS

3. Super Junior Heechul’s HEEtube

4. BLACKPINK Lisa’s Lilifilm

5. DAY6 Jae’s Jaesix

Well, did you smash that subscribe button, or were you already following them, in which case, be sure to hit that bell icon! 🔔