Here Are The Top 8 Female Idols Who Can Completely Change From Cutie Pie To Sexy Vixen In A Second

The duality of #3 is insane.

These K-Pop idols are the absolute cutest…until they decide they want to be sexy. Once they get on stage and decide to turn on their seductive charms instead of their cutesy charms, it’s all over for their fans. Here are the top 8 female idols who have the most drastic change.

1. Momo (TWICE)

In a matter of seconds, Momo can go from this…

…to this.



Watch closely as Lisa transforms from total cutie…

…to the queen of the stage!


3. Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy will catch you off guard, from this…

…to this.


4. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Doyeon‘s charms go from cute angel…

…to total seductress.


5. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar is squishy…

…and Solar is sexy.


6. SeolA (WJSN)

SeolA is so adorable and animated off stage…

…but knows how to turn on the charm on stage.


7. Soojin ((G)I-DLE)

Look how cute Soojin is!

…And I oop.


8. Sunmi

Sunmi‘s looks are sweet and innocent…

…but her stage presence is the definition of sexy.