From Fierce To Cute: Here’s How Each ITZY Member Does Aegyo

In your eyes, who’s the cutest member?

ITZY has been known for their powerful girl crush concepts ever since their debut. In their latest release, “MAFIA” (also known as “In the morning”), they came back stronger than ever.


These same girls, however, are also the most adorable people off-stage! During a live broadcast, the five members showed off their aegyo while on their way to JYP Entertainment.

Be amazed by their heart-stopping cuteness below!

1. Lia

First up, Lia was the one who started the trend of reciting food they like to eat during winter in a high pitched voice. She picked hot chocolate and cheesy kimbap, and she was full of confidence—so much so, in fact, that she asked the other members to put a spotlight on her with their phone camera flashlights!

She definitely delivered!

2. Ryujin

The members were initially unsatisfied with Ryujin’s rendition of a sweet “walnut cookies” voice. They told her, “Going higher at the end doesn’t make it aegyo, friend.”

She tried again after Yuna suggested saying it as “woolnut cookies” instead. Based on the squeals of the other girls, it was a success!

3. Yeji

Yeji was one of the more confident members when it came to aegyo, even saying bunggeoppang (fish shaped pastry) twice! Unlike the others, her style was to drawl the words while pursing her lips.

Yeji’s first try 
Yeji’s second try

4. Chaeryeong

As they were close to the company building, ITZY urged Chaeryeong to quickly act cute. Roman meal bread, whole wheat bread, and roasted chestnuts were overshadowed as soon as the others suggested saying “steamed corn.”

With the thought of one her favorite snacks, Chaeryoung went all out!

5. Yuna

Last but certainly not the least, everyone had high expectations of Yuna as she’s their precious maknae. Unfortunately, she was “all out of aegyo” as a fan earlier asked her to do ten sets of cute moves in one go.

Even if she was tired, she made hearts stop with her high pitched voice exclaiming, “In winter, ice cream!”

When it comes to fierceness and cuteness, ITZY always delivers!

Source: Naver Live