10 Moments ITZY’s Yeji Stole Fans’ Hearts With Her Unbelievable Duality

How does she change so fast?!

ITZY’s Yeji has a unique charm that’s unlike anyone else. Don’t blink your eyes — She can be totally cool one second, then immediately show her adorable side! Check out these moments she became the definition of duality.

1. Yeji’s striking features can either be gorgeous…

…or adorable, like a desert fox!

2. When she’s glammed up, her charisma levels up.

With her bare face, she overflows with innocent and pure charms.

3. In 2020, she’s a glamorous queen on stage.

Back in the day, however, she was more like a cute princess!

4. The way she walks is seriously powerful.

However, when she has a big smile on her face, she immediately becomes warm.

5. So you’re telling me this cool girl on stage…

…is this cutie off stage?

6. Yeji can nail the glamorous girl crush concept flawlessly.

Or she can just be a barefaced beauty. Either way, she’s snatching your heart.

7. Her sharp eyes slice through the camera on stage.

When she’s just chilling and talking to MIDZY, her eyes appear much softer.

8. She can rock an edgy and dazzling style.

A simple look also does her justice.

9. She goes from being a badass rockstar…

…to being an actual heaven-sent angel.

10. Yeji has a unique flair unlike anyone else.

Once you fall for her, there’s no escape!