These Japanese Artists Captured BTS Jimin’s Charms Perfectly — But In Their Own Unique Styles

The last one is definitely most netizens’ pick!

BTS‘s Jimin inspires numerous people all around the world, whether it’s through his incredible dance skills, his vocal talent, or his stunning visuals. These three Japanese artists posted drawings of Jimin that perfectly capture his character, albeit in their own distinct ways.

Jimin from BTS. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

1. Yoneyama Mai

Yoneyama Mai is an illustrator whose gorgeous art style has gained them over 200,000 followers on social media! Yoneyama posted this beautiful drawing of Jimin that highlights his doll-like lips and mesmerizing gaze.

It looks just like Jimin during the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” era — especially with the thick ribbon choker and the romantic aura!

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2. Kanno Aya

Kanno Aya is a manga artist whose most recent work is titled Requiem of the Rose King and is scheduled to be air as an anime next year! While on a break, Kanno drew this picture of Jimin that perfectly captured what he would look like as an anime character!

The black hair and the lip piercing are certainly inspired by Jimin’s shocking appearance during BTS’s SOWOOZOO Muster earlier this year. Just look at the similarity!

| @vminkookfairies/Twitter

3. Sakamoto Miu

Unlike Yoneyama and Kanno, Sakamoto Miu is not an illustrator or manga artist. Instead, she is a pop singer whose parents are Sakamoto Ryuichi, an award-winning composer, and Akiko Yano, one of the most famous pop and jazz singers in Japan.

Sakamoto Miu. | @miu_sakamoto/Instagram

She posted this drawing of Jimin on Instagram that’s likely drawn by her daughter, Namako. She didn’t forget Jimin’s plump lips and contagious smile, proving her ARMY status!

The three drawings have gone viral on Korean community board theqoo, and netizens totally agree that Namako’s drawing has its own charm!

| theqoo
  • “105. The lips on that last drawing, LOL! I can FEEL the artist’s love for Jimin.”
  • “106. Haha, it looks like the last one features all of the artist’s favorite colors. Jimin must have looked really pretty in her eyes.”
  • “107. These are all such vibes. They express Jimin’s many sides really well.”
  • “108. No wonder Jimin is a muse to all the artists out there. It’s not only his face, but also his aura that makes him a perfect model for drawing/painting. 💛 Personally, I think the last one does capture Jimin correctly, LOL. The kid used all her favorite colors. It’s beautiful.”
  • “109. HAHA, I love the ‘Love you Jimin ❤️’ message in the last one. That’s fricking adorable.”
  • “110. LOL. That last one NAILED Jimin’s lips.”

Jimin was the perfect muse for all three of these artists who showcased his unique and captivating visuals charms in three distinct ways. We definitely can’t wait to see more Jimin-inspired artwork from all of them!

Source: theqoo and Twitter