Just 10+ GIFs of BTS’s Jimin As A Puppy… Literally

Chimmy, is that you?

In celebration of the most UWU throwback to BTS‘s 3rd Muster in BANG BANG CON, here are 10+ GIFs of Jimin as Ibbie — the dog that stole our hearts in HOUSE OF ARMY.

1. “Yeah, you wish you could adopt me.”

2. “Oh, look who’s here? Hello, hello.”

3. (Googles how to reach top shelf for snacks)

4. “Is that big piece of pie for me? Or… Pfft.”

5. “All I need is ARMY’s love!”

6. (ZZZ)

7. “Please! Stay home! It’s dangerous outside!”

8. “I am a sexy woof. 13/10 would pet.”

9. “Grooming appointment has been cancelled.”

10. “Stop being a lazy butt and feed me.”

11. “It ain’t easy being this cute. Must coffee.”

12. “Gotta stay fluffy to be the visual king of the block.”

Source: THEQOO