Just 20+ GIFs of Blonde TWICE, In Case You Need A New Hairstyle Inspo

B stands for these Beautiful Blondes!

Five fantastic years have passed since debut in 2015 — and in this blissful time, all of TWICE members have now gone blonde at some point. Which means… We now have this silky golden collection of TWICE’s blonde ‘dos! Here are 20+ GIFs of TWICE blondies boasting their babydoll visuals — in case you’re looking for a new hairstyle to try this S/S. Look no further! They’ve covered all lengths, all shades, and all vibes.

1. Nayeon’s Copper Blonde Curls Are 💯

2. And These Ashy Blonde Locks Give Us Life

3. Jeongyeon’s Golden Pixie Is A Whole Mood

4. And The Platinum Bob We’re Still Not Over

5. She Makes Warm Blonde Look So Natural!

6. Momo’s Blonde Babe Hair Flip Dropped Us Dead

7. Her Ash Blonde Bangs Got Us Like-

8. Sana’s Golden Blonde Moments Need To Be Framed

9. Messy Hair, Don’t Care!

10. Sunshine Has Nothing On Sana’s Gold Glow

11. Jihyo Is Perfection In Her Sandy Blonde Beach Curls

12. B Stands For This Beautiful Blonde

13. Yes Mina! We See The Gorgeous Color!

14. We Spy With Our Eyes, A Toffee-Colored Snacc!

15. Dahyun’s Sunkissed Light Blonde Is UWU

16. Call Her Dubu — Caramel Dubu

17. Chaeyoung Dominated This Silver Blonde Era

18. She’s Exuding Major Can’t-Touch-This Vibez

19. Vote YES For Bleached Barbie Bobs

20. Tzuyu’s Toasty Blonde Can Light Up A Room

21. Did She Just… DID SHE JUST WINK AT US? 🙀

22. Our New Favorite Tzuyu Is This Strawberry Blonde Tzuyu

Source: THEQOO and Twitter (1) and (2)