Just 20+ Hilarious K-Pop Memes To Make You Crack A Smile During Quarantine

Surely at least a couple of these will make you giggle.

In these hard times, people look for anything to make them laugh or feel a little bit better. Hopefully these 20+ hilarious K-Pop memes will do just that!

1. SM Entertainment in a nutshell

2. When will it happen??

3. We’ve all been there…

4. K-Pop entertainment companies, you’re getting called out

5. Basically

6. You have no idea what you’re getting into…

7. Which fan hasn’t been there?

8. Relatable

9. Oh…

10. The next Pikachu movie looks great!

11. Speaking of Suga…

12. “Highlight”‘s lyrics will never get old

13. OG K-Pop stans will have a laugh at this one

14. Dad jokes for days…

15. This is actually too accurate

16. Where’s the lie?

17. We all feel this way sometimes…

18. When Buzzfeed and K-Pop collide

19. Any STAYs in the building?

20. Suddenly ever K-Pop fan is illiterate

21. This is vaguely horrifying

22. So many parents of K-Pop fans are like this…

23. It’s okay RM, we still love you

24. You better love yourself or else…