Just 20 More Tweets About Bang Bang Con Now That It’s Over

It might be over, but it will forever be in our memories

What an amazing weekend this last one was. Whether you tuned in to watch Bang Bang Con for the entire nearly 24 hours or just for a little while, it was quite the show to watch! Everyone is feeling incredibly nostalgic after seeing the progression of the seven members over eight different concerts, and looking even more forward to what they are going to come out with in the future. Here are 20 tweets to sum up how everyone is feeling now that the legendary stream is over.

1. This mood we all feel

2. This tweet that sums up how much BTS influences the world

3. Why does it already feel like it happened ages ago?

4. How we all felt while watching

5. Big mood

6. Something that will hopefully make you giggle

7. Just another clip of all of us during those bomb performances

8. A reminder that there are still good things to come

9. Dancer ARMYs while watching Bang Bang Con were like

10. When BTS got just a little too sexy on stage…

11. This hopeful tweet about what the future might hold

12. If this ain’t all of us

13. We all feel like Suga right now

14. A reminder that new “concert” merch is about to drop!

15. You can flex this on your friends now

16. Reminder that “DNA” is set to be BTS’s first music video to reach 1 billion views!

17. When your pets are also loyal ARMYs

18. This reminder to be grateful for these times

19. This insane visual about how YouTube was impacted during Bang Bang Con

20. And finally, this incredible visual about just how huge Bang Bang Con really was