Just 25+ HD Photos Of BTS Looking Absolutely Flawless For The Camera

World stars BTS!

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane with photos of BTS from three years ago. Here are some photos and behind-the-scene takes from their 2017 photos shoot in Downtown L.A. for their D-Icon photo shoot.

1. RM

2. Jin

3. J-Hope

4. Suga

5. V

6. Jin taking things seriously

7. Jungkook getting his makeup done

8. Jungkook the baby rabbit

9. V posing like a model

10. Jimin looking focused

11. RM getting a massage

12. V the photographer

13. Jimin getting his makeup done

14. RM posing for the camera

15. Suga looking fine as hell

16. J-Hope killing it with his red hair

17. Jimin matching in yellow

18. V looking chic in pink

19. Suga and his platinum blond hair

20. Group shot take 1

21. Group shot take 2

22. Jungkook’s solo

23. Worldwide handsome Jin

24. Jungkook the future videographer

25. Anyone wanna take a selfie with J-Hope?

26. Suga showing off his charisma

Watch the BTS X D-Icon video clip below!