Just 30 Of The Cutest, Coolest, and Funniest K-Pop Phone Cases That Will Make You Want To Replace Yours ASAP

If you didn’t need a new phone case before, now you will…

Many K-Pop fans look for any kind of avenue to show their love for their favorite artists, whether it’s through buying albums, merch, clothing, or other accessories. Phone cases are just one way to share their love of K-Pop to the world! While there are countless unique and fun designs out there, this collection of 30 phone cases is certain to appeal to nearly any fan in one way or another.

1. This simple but aesthetic SEVENTEEN case

2. This relatable case for any K-Pop fan

3. How gorgeous is this BTS-signed design??

4. How could you choose just one of these BT21 designs?

5.  This stunning artistic case of BTS members

6. This case with the entire “Love Yourself” designs across it

7. For anyone still obsessed with Map of the Soul: 7

8. Another classic “Love Yourself” design

9. This adorable case featuring the signatures of SEVENTEEN members

10. For anyone who can’t stop looking at the handsome members of ASTRO

11. Another adorable BT21 case that features all the characters

12. This relatable case for any NCTzen

13. This simple but effective BLACKPINK design

14. For anyone that still gets hyped up from EXO’s “Power”

15. Fans of EXO-CBX would love this cute design

16. And EXO-Ls should love this minimalist but cute case

17. This stunning aesthetic phone case for ATINYs

18. A perfect case for any proud ONCE

19. This case + keychain combo from TWICE’s “Feel Special” era

20. And this case for anyone that loves TWICE and glitter

21. And yet another TWICE case, this one for fans of their “Heart Shaker” era

22. This pretty “Euphoria” inspired design for Jungkook stans

23. Yet again, how do you choose just one of these adorable BTS designs??

24. These phone cases and keychain combos that go perfectly together

25. This pretty and effective design for Red Velvet fans

26. For NCTzens that still aren’t over the “The 7th Sense” era

27. This clever “nutritional facts” about MONSTA X

28. And this neat and classic MONSTA X design

29. This case featuring the gorgeous official colors of SEVENTEEN

30. And finally, this stunningly pretty floral SEVENTEEN phone case