Here Is Just How Even (Or Uneven) The Line Distributions Of The 15 Most Viewed K-Pop Songs Of The Summer Of 2020 Have Been

Some are definitely more fair than others.

This summer has been packed full of great comebacks from new and old K-Pop artists! While many groups have been really fair with the amounts of lines distributed among their members, others aren’t as even, and it doesn’t seem to matter how old a group is, if the graphs below are anything to go by. Check them out for yourself and see if you think if the lines in all of these 15 most-watched K-Pop music videos of the summer are fair!

15. “Butterfly” by WJSN

14. “Apple” by GFRIEND

13. “One (Lucid Dream)” by Golden Child

12. “Not Shy” by ITZY

11. “Boy” by TREASURE

10. “Inception” by ATEEZ

9. “Secret Story of the Swan” by IZ*ONE

8. “Summer Breeze” by SF9

7. “Monster” by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

6. “Left & Right” by SEVENTEEN

5. “Dumdi Dumdi” by (G)I-DLE

4. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

3. “More & More” by TWICE

2. “Dynamite” by BTS

1. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK