Just 15+ GIFs Of BTS Being The Softest Snugglers Ever

Snuggling? Cuddling? Hugs? They love it all.

Looking for wholesome content? Well, here is it. Let BTS‘s cuddle bugs snuggle their way into your heart (again) with these 15+ gifs!

1. Jungkook hugging V on the set of “Black Swan” MV

2. Jimin being the blanket that J-Hope didn’t ask for

Who would say no though?

3. This summery 3J cuddle session

4. Memo from leader RM: It’s time for a group hug!

5. J-Hope back-hugging Jimin like he’s the most precious thing in the world…

6. …and vice versa

7. Jungkook’s unforgettable “I’m so happy we’re roommates” embrace

8. Jimin and V more or less watching a video on the couch

9. Naptime on the set of “DOPE” MV

10. The stars who are not ready to “rise and shine” yet

11. Jin-hyung joining baby V’s slumber party

12. The maknae line on set, getting some rest between takes

13. Jungkook and his sweater paws curling up around J-Hope

14. RM: the only thing standing between Jimin and gravity

15. Suga’s low key love