K-ARMYs Discuss The Top 5 Reasons BTS Became As Successful As They Are

Why do ARMYs stan BTS?

BTS are undeniably K-Pop’s biggest superstars.

Aside from the obvious talents and the visuals…

… what else fueled their success? K-ARMYs discussed some of the strongest assets that BTS have — which they believed to have contributed to the group’s absolute hit!

1. The Music

ARMYs agree BTS’s overall sound became better with each album. The music — though it has always been catchy — improved as the members gained more expertise on how to write, produce, and record their own styles of songs. Hence, ARMYs have come to appreciate not only the members’ voices, but also the high qualities of the tracks being recorded in these voices. They no longer doubt the “worthiness” of buying a BTS album because they know it is going to be a good investment.

2. The Performance

ARMYs also pointed out that over time, BTS have also gotten better at making the most out of the stage in their performances. According to ARMYs, BTS have grown experimental — and in a positive way. Now there are backdrops, props, special effects, and all kinds of other visually-intriguing aspects playing into each and every one of the performances. Again, BTS have always been good at doing the choreography — but the added boost to the performances really got the fans hooked.

3. The Content

ARMYs know this for sure: There is simply not enough time in this world to keep up with all the YouTube videos, the live streams, the multiple seasons of Bon Voyage, the Weverse parties, the tweets, and more. BTS don’t hide anything. And that means ARMYs are constantly bombarded with endless BTS-related content. ARMYs agree — that keeps them addicted. Fans also commented, “The world of BTS content is like an oasis that does not run out.” So the more they dig, the more they find. This 100%-open-communication-based connection turned ARMYs loyal AF.

4. The Story

ARMYs also believe that BTS’s well-embraced “underdog” story gives the group a special glow. It’s true. The world goes crazy for catharsis. Who can really turn down a good dramatic “we-started-at-the-bottom-but-look-where-we-are” story? ARMYs admitted the group’s humble beginnings — and how that humility is never lost amongst the members — convince them to continue supporting BTS.

5. The Teamwork

Finally, ARMYs claimed that, above all things, it is BTS’s teamwork which keep them stanning. Yes, teamwork is essential for all K-Pop idols. But BTS’s bond is something else, according to ARMYs. One ARMY commented, “The members are family and they have each other’s back — so well that the fans know even if the world as they know it ended today, they will be okay. They will always have themselves.” So for fans, it is simply inspiring to watch seven different men come together and form a brotherhood that can never be broken. It gives the fans an assurance and faith that the group will stay unshaken.

Source: Nate Pann