K-ARMYs Reveal The Most Surprising Facts About BTS’s Visuals After Seeing Them In Real Life

“He looks like he would make squeaky sounds…”

As goes for all K-Pop idol fans with their biases, ARMYs live for the moment they get to witness the greatness that is BTS in real life. Whether it be at a fan meeting or at a tour concert, ARMYs hope for one thing and one thing only: To see the members up close and personal. These lucky K-ARMYs have experienced the surreal visuals — only to be surprised with their expectations being shattered by the reality. Check out the most surprising facts about BTS’s visuals, as revealed by the blessed.

1. Jin

Most K-ARMYs who saw Jin up close agreed that none of his pictures and videos that they’ve been seeing online have done him any justice at all. They commented, “Jin is actually super icy.” Along the same line, “sharp” is one of the most commonly used word to describe Jin’s visual in real life. Some K-ARMYs noted, “When Jin doesn’t smile, he can be almost intimidating.” According to these fans, Jin’s face is extremely defined and dimensional with his strong facial features.

2. Suga

On the other hand, Suga‘s visual is said to be extremely approachable and friendly. K-ARMYs also shared, “These videos don’t capture how Suga moves at all.” According to the fans who’ve seen him in real life, Suga is “a lot more UWU” and “mochi AF”. Some added, “He looks like he would make squeaky sounds with each step he takes. That’s how cute and fluffy he actually is — unlike what he has everyone believe on camera.”

3. J-Hope

K-ARMYs who got a good look at J-Hope‘s visual in real life all mention one thing: He is double, triple, quadruple times more handsome in person than he is in pictures and videos. They noted, “J-Hope has this aura… this superstar vibe.” It isn’t only because he has glowing visuals — but his overall attitude and style create an attractive force that cannot be resisted. K-ARMYs all concluded that J-Hope’s real visual “cannot be described in words; it would have to be seen to be even remotely grasped how good looking he is.”

4. RM

For RM, K-ARMYs remain divided. Some commented that he looks gentle and sweet in real life. Others argued that he looks rigid and charismatic. That is to say, K-ARMYs believe RM has a versatile visual. One ARMY called RM “a sexy male adult” who can pull off many looks. All have come to agree though, RM has a physique that is 200% eye-catching and that cannot be unseen. K-ARMYs quoted, “He looks like a model with his masculine build. He grabs the audience’s attention because his body has quite the stage presence.”

5. Jimin

All K-ARMYs who have seen Jimin in real life mentioned that they have been the most surprised by his visual. While on camera, Jimin looks like a fluff ball — according to K-ARMYs, he actually looks extremely cold and not even human. An ARMY commented, “His face was actually so overpoweringly intimidating that it felt condescending.” Jimin’s IRL visual continues to shock more ARMYs with each concert or fan meeting, especially because he is commonly perceived to be, like his nickname mangae-ddeok, squishy and cute.

6. V

Most K-ARMYs who peeked V up close agreed that he is actually a lot more masculine than they had imagined him to be. The fans commented, his nose, or actually his T-zone in general, “can be spotted from miles away” because of its pure size and prominence. They also quoted, “The closer V gets, the more unreal he seems.” According to these fans, V isn’t really on the “pretty” side, but more so on the “handsome” side. Along with Jin and J-Hope, fans claimed that V’s visual cannot be captured to its full glory.

7. Jungkook

Not too surprisingly, K-ARMYs praised Jungkook for having the warmest vibe of them all. As his nicknames of “Bunny” and “Maltese” suggest, Jungkook is often said to be on the cuter side. And fans claim it’s true! K-ARMYs quoted, “Jungkook is actually even rounder than he seems in his pictures and videos.” Though he is explosive with power on stage, he is all the while very friendly and approachable-looking. More importantly, K-ARMYs shared, Jungkook’s physique in real life is even more out-of-this-world than it is captured.