K-Drama Fans Create An Imaginary Rookie Boy Group With Actors — Here Are The Members And Their Positions

Shut up and take our money!

The thing is — we can never have too many boy groups. Right? Each group brings something new and different to the table. So yes, the more is indeed the better. That being said…

With a little bit of wishful thinking, some creative K-Drama fans put these five actors together in an imaginary rookie boy group! Check out the members and their positions. The real question is, will we be able to handle this debutWhere do we sign up for the official fandom? When is the first album dropping?

1. The undeniable main visual

Actor Kang Dong Won. | Naver Post

Meet the visual member, Kang Dong Won. Oooooooh yes. With a visual like his, there is no way he’s not the main face of the group.

From soft…

… to sexy, Kang Dong Won is the full package of all concepts ever possible. But behold, his pretty face isn’t the only thing he brings to the group.

His duality — this playful and silly personality — will surely drive us crazy!

2. The all-rounder star player

Actor Park Bo Gum. | TNGT

Every group has that one overachieving all-rounder member who is absolutely perfect in all aspects. Well, in this group, that would be Park Bo Gum.

Singing? Check. Dancing? Check, check. Playing the piano? Triple check.

Perhaps the most leader-like, this multi-talented member will keep us busy…

… with nonstop live broadcasts, new album spoilers, A+ selfies, witty tweets, and even surprise TV show appearances. Well then? Keep up!

3. The irresistible fan favorite

Actor Lee Jong Suk. | Naver Post

See, Lee Jong Suk is known to be kind of introverted, to the point that he’s camera shy.

But that is exactly what makes him our irresistible favorite! He’s the ultimate bias-wrecker…

… with his softest side constantly leaving us all swooning.

Will we be able to survive this presence? (Heavy breathing)

4. The groove king dancing machine

Actor Jo Jung Suk. | NamuWiki

BTS has J-Hope. SEVENTEEN has Hoshi. It’s true — boy groups all come with a main dancer, a “Team Choreographer” so to say. And this rookie group? Well, they got Jo Jung Suk.

Pretty much a dancing machine whenever and wherever…

… Jo Jung Suk will make us want to get up and move our bodies too! Ranging from cute to charismatic, all in the blink of an eye…

this main dancer has already charmed us with his idol-ness.

5. The center of all centers

Actor Lee Joon Gi. | Twitter

And finally, meet our center — the aegyo machine Lee Joon Gi.

He gleams in that face; one that we can never forget once we see.

He got the moves that he is never, ever afraid to flaunt.

But most of all, when it comes to the stage, he simply comes alive. His presence is unrivaled. Oh no. No, no. He cannot be contained!

Source: THEQOO