K-Drama Fans Pick Top 5 “Chemistry Couples” They Want To See In The Next Hit Romantic Series


Of all shows, K-Drama fans most dig the ones that boast an undeniable chemistry between the male and female leads. And they believe these 5 pairs of the industry’s top actors and actresses have the potential to become the next “it” couple! Some have never crossed paths, while others have met in the past. Regardless, seeing from their visual combinations to their acting spectrums… all 5 are a big, fat yes from us! We must say, these “couples” seem pretty impossible to resist. Which would you like to see happen soon?

1. Gong Yoo x Son Ye Jin

Anyone else down for a Guardian and Crash Landing On You crossover? Oh, these two romance masters could easily shatter our hearts to a million pieces — in a heartthrob K-Drama about ill-fated lovers that can neither stay together nor live apart.

2. Kim Soo Hyun x Park Bo Young

How about a lighthearted rom-com about a picky boss man falling helplessly in love with his newly hired secretary? Yes, that plot has been done plenty of times before. But we don’t ever call it cliché, do we? We call it classic.

3. Kang Dong Won x Jun Ji Hyun

Now this is a visual combination we’re down to see all day, every day! We’re thinking “opposites attract”. We can see them as undercover cops, assigned to work as a team. Their differences are about to drive the mission down the drain — but also about to tie them up in a forever-together.

4. Seo Kang Joon x Suzy

Okay, okay. Hear us out. How does something like “A boy who sees the future meets a girl without one” sound? Or maybe even “A boy running out of time finds the reason he needs more time”, yeah? We’re throwing wild ideas out there because this pair can make whatever work.

5. Park Bo Gum x IU

And we know everyone is down for another historic one featuring these two! Just bless us in that glorious hanbok visual again, please. Would we be down to watch a young king rise to power with the help of his queen from the future? Heck. To. The. Yes.

Source: THEQOO