Korean High School Allows “Anything Goes” Yearbook Photos — 25 Most Bizarre Photos

How was #2 not banned? 😂

This Korean high school allowed seniors to take any kind of photo they want for their yearbook picture — Seriously, anything. From superhero costumes to dressing up as women, these guys pushed the boundaries with their photos. Check out the 25 funniest photos below!

1. Whatever this guy is doing

2. Flipping off the camera

3. This dedicated swimmer

4. A unique and slightly strange pose

5. Someone who is still getting ready in the morning

6. A one-of-a-kind photo

7. This very serious business man

8. Super Mario ready to save the princess

9. Your local ajumma

10. Caption this

11. A lover of nature

12. When The Joker is in your class

13. A very memorable choice of pants

14. Is that a…?

15. Part two

16. Time for some archery

17. I remember this movie differently

18. An aspiring hair stylist

19. Nun to it but to do it

20. There’s a lot going on here

21. Nailed it

22. A photo of a photo

23. This muscle man

24. Put them all together…

25. …and you get something like this!

Source: Sora News 24