Korean Netizens Name Idols That Have Both Equal Amounts Of Male And Female Fans

Their choices may surprise you.

When it comes to biases, it’s all very subjective, but some claim that certain types of faces and personalities gain more fans of certain genders. Korean netizens have narrowed down 8 idols that seem to sweep both male and female fans off their feet!

1. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy’s heavenly singing voice and personality of an angel makes her highly popular. However, her petite stature and feminine nature makes her stand out amongst fans.

2. MAMAMOO’s Solar

Solar’s wild, free-spirited personality sure is an attention-grabber! Her amazing talent also contributes to her popularity.

3. BTS’s Jin

Jin actually has more male fans than one would think! He isn’t called Mr Worldwide Handsome for nothing.

4. NCT’s Yuta

Yuta’s face uniquely is both cold and warm at the same time. He also pulls off avant garde fashion extremely well.

5. TWICE’s Sana

No Sana No Life! Sana is both cute and sexy, clumsy and fierce – and fans love her for it.

6. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo has the golden ratio for visuals and a conventionally attractive face to Koreans. But she’s also charismatic on stage while being goofy off duty. What a winning combination!

7. GFRIEND’s Eunha

| Source Music Entertainment

Eunha’s natural aegyo makes her lovable to fans regardless of age and gender! She’s also a tiny powerhouse with high notes.

8. OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung

Hyojung is known for her mild temperament and her inability to stop smiling! A human vitamin indeed.

Of course, such universally attractive idols aren’t only limited to this list! Every singer has their own charm, we believe!

Source: Pann