Korean Netizens Vote On Which Female Idol Has The Best Vocal Colors

Their voices are easy to love!

Korean netizens have voted on which female idols they think possess the best vocal color, and here are the results! These are very expected, and these idols have proven time and time again that they are very talented!

1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is an expected answer as she has shown some of the best vocals and performed some of the best songs yet. Her vocal range will always sound amazing and her voice is easily loved by many.

Watch her sing the Korean version of “Into The Unknown” from Frozen 2 here:


Rosé has shown the versatility of her voice many times and that she has some of the most powerful vocals among K-Pop girl groups!

Watch her song cover here:

3. Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy is another vocalist whose voice is easy to love! Her light voice goes well with her carefree personality and can bring smiles to the faces of the listeners!

Watch Joy’s performance for The King of Masked Singer here:

4. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has some of the most unique vocals and people can’t get enough of it! She has shown her unique vocal color many times and fans enjoy listening to her every single time!

Watch Hwasa’s song cover here:

Source: Instiz