Korean Teens Confess The Most Hurtful Things Anyone Has Ever Said To Them

“You are just like your father, you share the same dirty blood.”


“You would look so pretty if you lost some weight!”


“When my father said that he expects me to pay off all the family debt that my parents had created.”


“When someone who had smaller slanted eyes to me told me that my eyes were too small.”


“When a friend said, ‘this outfit would not look good on people like us.’ I mean, it’s okay for her to think that way about herself, but what the hell? Why include me in there with her?”


“When someone publicly shamed me by saying ‘that was not funny’ after I pulled a joke.”


“I have atopic dermatitis so I have some scars all over my legs. A classmate said that I have tons of fungi on my legs.”


“When a fat girl told me my boobs are too small.”


“I was going through a rough time and I told my friend about my struggles. Later, I found out that she actually recorded our conversation and, when I was not around, she giggled with her friends while playing back the tape.”


“A classmate frowned and said to me ‘you’re too fucking ugly.'”


“When I was crying because of SHINee Jonghyun’s passing, my friends were telling me ‘Jonghyun did not know you and will never know you.'”


“A friend who always loves to publicly insult me told me that I should have some balls.”


“When I was not getting good marks in school, a close friend referred to me as ‘the one that brings the class exam average down'”


“You are just like your father, you share the same dirty blood.”


“I was being bullied, and my dad scolded me, saying that I should be able to overcome little struggles like that because society is much harder in reality. He forced me to go and say sorry and behave well so I would not be bullied again.”


“I have a French Bulldog and, recently, when I was walking my dog, someone approached me and said ‘why would you have a dog that kills people as a pet?’ WOW.”


“(in disbelief) Can YOU do it?”


“All you need is clear, clean skin, and you will look so pretty!”


“When I was shopping at a department store, a friend told me that the clothes would not look good on me because they only look good on skinny-figured girls.”


“When my dad was drunk, he came into my room and touched me. After that, he said I was my mother.”


“When I got a perfect score on a test, a friend of mine nagged, ‘Wow! I did not see that coming.'”


“I am being raised by a single parent and my teacher was requesting a lot of extracurricular activities from my mom, so I asked the teacher to go easier on us. The teacher said that other students are more wealthy, so their parents don’t have time for the commitment…”


“When I was having an argument with a friend from another class, that friend said ‘This is why you don’t have any friends in your class!'”


“When a friend told me my cat is ugly.”


“Your legs are short!”


“What stress? What do you know about stress?”


“What can we expect? We will never make it.”


“How much makeup did you put on? You look promiscuous!”


“When I was in 5th grade, I bombed one exam in school. My father told me that if I continue to fail in school, he would eventually regret having me as a child.”


“When my male classmates ridiculed me saying that my boobs are small. I wanted to pull all their pants down and check to see how big their penises were.”


“Is there ANYTHING that you are good at?”

Source: Pann