Koreans Choose The Top 5 K-Dramas They Currently Can’t Get Enough Of

“…their acting gives me goosebumps.”

Because the tastes of Korean watchers and international fans differ, DKDKTV‘s Ariel walked the street to find out which recent dramas that Koreans can’t get enough of. Here are the five that has them tuning in for every episode.

1. My Unfamiliar Family

My Unfamiliar Family follows female protagonist Kim Eun Hee, who feels left out of her own family and seeks comfort from a close friend until things take an unexpected turn that tests all her relationships.

It’s very realistic, and the actresses…their acting gives me goosebumps. My back get sweaty from watching them because they are so cool.

2. Itaewon Class

Of course, the drama that had been the talk of the town, especially among idols, couldn’t fail to make the list. Park Sae Ro Yi‘s adventures in overcoming trauma and following in his father’s footsteps make Itaewon Class what it is.

3. Mr. Sunshine

2018’s Mr. Sunshine follows the male protagonist’s growth from a small boy of a working-class family in Korea to a decorated marine who returns from the United States and falls in love with a wealthy family’s daughter. From romance to action, it has everything you need.

4. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

If you’re fond of the supernatural and a unique plot, Mystic Pop-Up Bar is for you. Based on a webtoon, the drama follows three characters who work at a pop-up bar and solve their customers’ problems through dreams.

It has a nice storyline, and it has a cinematic feel to it.

5. Hospital Playlist

A group of five longtime friends go about their daily lives as doctors in Hospital Playlist. On top of following the ups and downs of their twenty-year friendship, viewers are treated to the band they later form together.

You know, towards the ending…when they play music as a band, that’s my favorite part.