Koreans Reveal What They’d Do If They Could Go Back In Time

Here’s what Koreans would do if they could travel back in time.

Koreans on an online community are sharing what they would do if they could turn back time, like the popular movie “About Time”.

OP shared they wanted to go back to the day before someone they knew passed away from an accident, or to when they were younger and had no worries or concerns about the future.


1. I want to go back to when I was really little and change my entire life.


2. I want to go back to December 9, 2017 and go to a concert. I can’t change our ending on the 18th but I just want to tell him that he’s so precious to me and that I love him.


3. I want to go back to when I graduated university. They say the first company you work for is important, but I stepped into such a bad place.


4. Back to when mom and dad were a little bit younger.


5. I want to go back to yesterday when I ate the best pho noodles ever. It was only 3,900 won (~4 USD) but it was freaking good.


6. When I was happy with that person, please.


7. The day before the lotto winner was announced.


8. If I go back to the past, I’d become a high school senior again. I’m happy now!


9. I wouldn’t go back. I met my wife and we raised our kids…I’d have to go to the army again, I’ll never go back!!!


Source: Nate Pann