Here Are 10+ K-Pop Inspired Beaded Bracelet Ideas To Help Beat Quarantine Boredom

#6 will inspire you to make one ASAP.

Beaded bracelets are a super cute and trendy craft idea. Not only will you have a blast making them, but you’ll also have a unique piece that you made with your bare hands. Whether you make it for yourself or someone else (like BTS’s J-Hope did for his group members!), it will give you a fun and creative activity to pass the time! Here are 10+ ideas to inspire your own creation.

1. J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup”

Pick your favorite song and add some quirky charms that remind you of it.


2. Rainbow-tastic BLACKPINK

Add your favorite pastels in a repetitive pattern and declare your love for your favorite girl group!


3. Chic and Modern

Marble beads with metal letters are a more sophisticated version of your typical beaded bracelet.


4. All Your Faves

Create a stack and use each bracelet to represent your favorite group.


5. Subtle, Yet Effective

Use all one type of bead with one special charm representing your favorite group (or splurge online for a charm with their name like this one)!


6. Album Color Schemes

Get inspired by your favorite album cover for the perfect color palette.


7. All Black

Use a bunch of black beads for something that is wearable with every outfit.


8. Rope

Try stringing lettered beads on a rope for a twist on your typical beaded bracelet.


9. Stacks On Stacks

Create a whole lyric or phrase with a bunch of bracelets.

Roxanne Assoulin

10. Bias List

Feel free to make one bracelet for each bias…if you can fit them all!


11. Fandom Love

Put your favorite group’s name along with the fandom name and feel the love every time you look at your wrists.


12. Inspirational Lyric

Pick a phrase from a song that motivates you so every time you see it, you feel inspired.


13. Sentimental

Similarly, you can choose that song that just makes you feel endless joy.


14. Clear

For a cool early 2000s look, clear everything is a must (bonus points for glitter)!

Daisy Serrano

15. Your Bias’ Favorite Colors

BTS’ Jin biased fans will gravitate towards pink…


…while the Jungkook lovers will take red!

Johnny Joestar