These Are All 14 Of The K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To In September So Far

It’s set to be a packed month!

August is set to be one of the most packed months of 2020 so far in terms of K-Pop comebacks! Popular groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, SuperM, ITZY, (G)I-DLE, and many more have or are going to have songs released this month, making it hard for some fans to keep up!

September is already looking like a great month for K-Pop fans as well. While other announcements could be made later in the month, these are the acts that have already spoken up about their September releases!

1. September 1: SuperM Comeback

SuperM just released their first of two singles, “100”, earlier today on August 14. Their second single, “Tiger Inside”, is set to come out on September 1 to kick off the month! They will also be releasing their first full-length album, Super One, on September 25.

2. September 2: LUNARSOLAR Debut

LUNARSOLAR will be company J Planet‘s first girl group to debut. The group is made up of four members: Jian, Taeryeong, Eseo, and Yuuri, and their debut song is called “OH YA YA YA”. Keep an eye out for this promising quartet!

3. September 4: Wonho Comeback

Wonho also just released his first song as a solo artist, “Losing You”, earlier today. He’s also planning on coming out with his first mini-album, Love Synonym, on September 4, with the title track “Right for Me”.

4. September 8: SEVENTEEN Japanese Comeback

SEVENTEEN will be coming out with their second Japanese mini-album, 24H, on September 8, with a title track of the same name. It will also include Japanese versions of the songs “Pinwheel”, “247”, “Chilli”, and “Together”.

5. September 16: TWICE Japanese Comeback

TWICE will also be releasing their third Japanese best album, titled #TWICE3, in the middle of the month. The album will have 12 tracks, including Korean and Japanese versions of “The Best Thing I Ever Did”, “Fancy”, “Feel Special”, “MORE & MORE”, “Stuck In My Head”, and “21:29”.

6. September 23: PENTAGON Japanese Comeback

Another Japanese album release! PENTAGON will be coming out with the album Universe: The History on September 23. The album will have 12 songs, most of which are Japanese versions of past songs such as “Gorilla”, “Dr. Bebe”, and “Shine”. Jinho was able to participate in the creation of it before he enlisted for his military service in May!

7. TBA: Lovelyz

Though a date hasn’t been set yet, Lovelyz’s company, Woollim Entertainment, has stated that the group will be making a comeback in September! This will be their first comeback since they came out with their 6th mini-album, Once Upon a Time, in May of last year. Woollim Entertainment stated that, “Lovelyz poured their heart and soul into this upcoming comeback. You can look forward to seeing them with a new image that is entirely different from the image they have shown in the past.” How exciting!

8. TBA: Stray Kids

Stray Kids is planning on releasing a repackaged album sometime in the month as well. Not much is known about it yet besides that it will be a repackaged version of their highly successful album GO LIVE!

9. TBA: Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician’s last comeback was in October 2019, and YG Entertainment says they’re planning on having a new release in September! They’ve also said that they will come out with three music videos total between September and the end of the year.

10. TBA: VAV

Not much is known about VAV’s comeback yet besides that it will be released on September, and that the group finished filming on Jeju Island for the music video!


Earlier this month, UP10TION announced they are planning on having a comeback sometime in September with 7 members:  KunKogyeolBittoSunyoulGyujinHwanhee, and Xiao. Kim Wooseok and Lee Jinhyuk are currently focusing on their solo careers, and leader Jinhoo will continue his hiatus since April for health reasons. This will be UP10TION’s first comeback in about a year since “Your Gravity” came out last August.

12. TBA: Super Junior D&E

Super Junior’s label, Label SJ, announced that the sub-unit will be coming back mid-September with a physical album. Their last release came out over a year ago in April of 2019, with their third mini-album DANGER.

13. TBA: ASTRO’s Moonbin & Sanha

A representative of Fantagio Entertainment stated that the two members of ASTRO will be making their debut as a sub-unit sometime in September. They said, “ASTRO is launching its first unit, composed of members Moonbin and Sanha. They have already wrapped up recording for their first album as a unit. The album will be released in mid-September.”

14. TBA: CLC

Nothing is really known about this comeback yet, apart from that they will be finally coming out with new music in September!