8 Times K-Pop Cut-Outs Were Used In Hilariously Creative Ways

From proms to graduations, this is how fans and idols used these cut-outs.

Life-sized cardboard cut-outs of K-Pop stars are usually seen at promotional events, in tourist stops, or outside of stores as advertisements. However, these idols and fans have found more creative ways to use them!


1. Halloween with BTS’s Jimin

This year, American actress Aubrey Miller combined her fangirl crush with Halloween fun by creating a “couple costume” with a Jimin cut out.

Aubrey Miller dressed up herself and a cardboard cut-out of Jimin in matching Mickey Mouse ears then took this cute video clip.


2. Prom with GOT7’s Jackson

One die-hard Jackson stan took a cardboard cut out of the star to prom with her as her date, but there’s more to this story.

Earlier this year, Elizabeth Zhang embarked on a 365-day “promposal” Instagram project where she asked Jackson out to prom in amusing ways for 365 days straight.

“I would be BOARD at prom without you. Prom?”  — Elizabeth Zhang

Although Jackson didn’t end up attending prom with her in person, he did end up becoming aware of her project and left a cute comment on one of her posts.


3. When BTS posed with themselves

In 2016, BTS showed off their cardboard doppelgangers in this BANGTANTV episode.

Each member tried out different poses that ranged from adorable…

…to hilarious…

…in order to give their fans some creative ideas.


4. Keeping Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon dry

One of Taeyeon‘s fans wanted to make sure she didn’t get soaked during a rainy spell, so they placed an umbrella over her cut-out. The cut-out had been placed outside to promote the cosmetics store Banila Co., as Taeyeon was one of their endorsers at the time.


5. When Sleepy interviewed his friend’s stand-in

Rapper Sleepy has been friends with BTS’s RM for years. In fact, he was the one who discovered RM as a rapper when he was in middle school and introduced him to a producer at BigHit Entertainment.

Sleepy proved their friendship is still strong when he jokingly interviewed RM’s cut-out on Section TV after giving BTS’s cut-outs an award for best artist.


6. Graduating with JYJ’s Jaejoong

Winnie Choo, a Malaysian fan of Jaejoong, was in for a surprise when she attended her graduation ceremony. Before her convocation, her friends had asked her to choose between flowers or teddy bears as a graduation gift, so she jokingly chose a third option: Jaejoong.

Little did she know that her BFFs would be making her wish come true in the cutest way. On the day of her graduation, Winnie Choo’s friends presented her with this handsome cut-out of Jaejoong dressed in a dapper suit!


7. Prom with EXO’s Sehun

Jackson isn’t the only K-Pop cut-out to attend a fan’s prom!

EXO fan shixunslittlechick carried this handsome cut-out of Sehun to her prom…

…and took these beautiful couple photos.

On a separate occasion, she was lucky enough to meet her “date” in real life!


8. When Red Velvet’s Yeri brought EXO’s Xiumin to ISAC

During a one Idol Star Athletics Championship, Xiumin was unable to attend the opening ceremony. So, Yeri took it upon herself to hold up a cardboard standee of Xiumin instead!

Afterward, fans joked the Yeri is the true president of Xiumin’s fanclub.