20 K-Pop Dance Moves That Perfectly Match The Music

The timing is perfect!

While they always match the beat and leave fans speechless, some K-Pop choreography routines take things to the next level. By incorporating moves that directly reference parts of the song lyrics, these groups have perfectly matched their dance moves to the music and fans have absolutely fallen in love.


1. This perfectly synched part in BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”

“Bang Bang Bang” is already iconic enough as it is, but add in the point and shoot finger guns during the “bang bang bang” chorus and you’ve got yourself not only a great song but some pretty amazing choreography too!


2. The quick movements in BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”

The quick movements might be a bit easy to miss in context but these moves are actually really cool! When BTS sing the “blood sweat and tears” part of the song before the instrumental they touch the front of the neck, the back of the neck, and then their eyes. These signify their arteries and blood, their sweat, and their tears!


3. This sneezy wonder in Lovelyz’ “Ah-Choo”

Lovelyz had a very creative way of incorporating the title of their song straight into their dance routine. During the part where the girls sing, “Ah-choo! I feel like sneezing when I see you,” they do a sneeze move too!


4. The makeshift crow in Stray Kids’ “Awkward Silence”

Stray Kids came up with a clever way to incorporate their crow into their dance routine for “Awkward Silence”. The first time the crow sounds Changbin moves across the stage and moves his hand to mimic a bird. The second time more members get in on the actions and throw their arms up like a bird taking flight.


5. These beautiful wings in BTS’s “Butterfly”

A beautiful song like “Butterfly” definitely needs some beautiful choreography to go with it and BTS certainly didn’t disappoint. Like this part of the song where each of the members’ move their own arms like butterfly wings!


6. He’s all surrounded in NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb”

The significance of the rest of the NCT members backing up to form a circle around Taeil might not have fully registered with some people but it’s actually quite a brilliant move. During this part of the song Taeil is singing, “I don’t want to be trapped” and the members literally trap him in their circle!


7. Put that hand in the cookie jar in Red Velvet’s “#Cookie Jar”

So technically this one was for Red Velvet‘s Japanese debut, but the fact that they literally put their hands in an imaginary cookie jar during the “Put your hand in the cookie jar” lyric is just too perfect!


8. Their flexing in EXO’s “Tempo”

EXO‘s “Tempo” might be new but it’s already captured the hearts of every EXO-L and one of the most loved parts is the combo of Chanyeol‘s “Now you got me flexin!” and the members actually showing off their own guns!


9. These wings sent straight from “Heaven” with SEVENTEEN and NU’EST W

SEVENTEEN and NU’EST W‘s “Heaven” is a complete treat for the eyes. With 13 members completely in sync with each other, it’s hard not to be left a little breathless. And fans have a particular soft spot for the moment wings are formed behind Mingyu during the chorus.


10. The shootout in iKON’s “Rubber Band”

A quick flick of an imaginary rubber band by B.I was definitely the perfect way to start off iKON‘s “Rubber Band” and let everyone know that the rest of the song and choreography was going to be just as amazing too!


11. The full moon rises in Sunmi’s “Full Moon”

Sunmi‘s “Full Moon” includes this unmistakeable full moon rising move that has always struck a particular chord with fans!


12. Going crazy in TEEN TOP’s “Clap”

Not only does TEEN TOP‘s “Clap” feature a lot of…well… clapping, it also includes a great head holding and shaking move that matches perfectly with “cra-cra-crazy.


13. Meet Mr. Hyde in VIXX’s “Hyde”

VIXX‘s “Hyde” has a lot of really interesting choreography points that match particularly well to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theme but a particular fan favorite is this move with N and his “multiple personalities” popping out from behind him as he’s singing about having a different version of himself in his mind.


14. Take a deep breath in BEAST’s “Breath”

Many Beauties thought this particular section of “Breath” was absolutely iconic as the members took big gulps of air as they sang “Breath, breath out.


15. This celebratory move in GOT7’s “Home Run”

How would you react if you hit a home run? Probably exactly like GOT7 did in their “Home Run” video!


16. It’s a mystery move in TWICE’s “What Is Love”

TWICE are known to have some really clever choreography that matches up to their songs really well and one of the best is the question mark movement as their asking what love really is!


17. Friends will always have your back in Wanna One Triple Position’s “Kangaroo”

“Kangaroo” has a lot of little moves that relate back to the song in some way like all the cute jumping movements! Then, of course, there’s this moment when Kim Jaehwan jumps on Kang Daniel‘s back right after he sings “Friend, jump on my back!


18. We’re all jumping in Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar”

The jumping movements perfectly aligned with the jumping line section couldn’t fit this song any better. And we all know that when this part comes on, everyone else has to join in jumping too!


19. Who’s knocking at my door in TWICE’s “Knock Knock”

TWICE strikes again with their knocking moves during “Knock Knock”! And luckily, it’s a move that every single fan can do too!


20. Our hearts are beating too in Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette”

During the “heart b-b-beat” part in “Russian Roulette” Red Velvet breaks out this move that shows the girls’ hands showing just how much their hearts are fluttering!