Bored In Quarantine? Here Are 6 D.I.Y K-Pop Projects To Try ASAP

BRB, trying #5 right now.

In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s only a matter of time before you’re left bored out of your mind while stuck at home. Here are 6 crafty projects to try that will get your creative juices flowing and leave you with something one-of-a-kind!

1. Painting a denim jacket.

To successfully paint a denim jacket, you’ll need acrylic paint. When sketching your design, opt for chalk. Additionally, masking tape can be used to tape off the border of the area you wish to decorate.


Try taking inspiration from album covers, concept photo imagery, or just paint anything that reminds you of your bias!


You can also add distressing, pins, and any other personal touches for a custom piece that’s totally you.

©Nayara Santos

2. Customizing some sneakers.

There’s a ton of ways to go about making some custom sneakers. You can cut them up, bedazzle them, paint them, change the laces…the possibilities are endless.


Plain white Converse or VANS are perfect for creating a whole scene.


Meanwhile, chunkier sneakers look amazing with only a few custom touches!


3. Making photocards.

Making your own photocards is so much easier than it seems. The cheapest way is to organize 4 photos you love into a 4×6″ quadrant and order it as a print from any photo store.


When they arrive, use scissors to cut each card out! Additionally, you can round the corners for added sophistication.


Alternatively, using matte photo paper in a printer can also create some seriously cute cards from the comfort of your own home!

4. Making a D.I.Y. transparent fan.

Transparent fans are sooo cute and just as simple. To recreate this look, trace a circle out onto a sheet of laminating paper and carefully cut it out.


You can then glue on any of your favorite pictures of your bias as well as cute background designs like their name, flowers, or clouds. For a handle, anything from a ruler to a paint stick will do.

©baidu pcy bar

5. Creating a D.I.Y. cup sleeve.

Who wants to wait until a K-Pop idol’s birthday event to get a custom cup sleeve? Making your own is super easy!


Using a template such as the one below, organize your design within the lines. Depending on your skill experience, this can be done in something simple like Microsoft Word or more advanced like Adobe Photoshop.

Cup Sleeve Template Example

Using cardstock, print out your cup sleeve with the design of your choice!


6. Taking advantage of iron-ons.

Iron-on letters and numbers can be used to customize just about anything, from jackets…


…to face masks! You can also try hats, tote bags, or pencil cases.