20 K-Pop Fan Memes That Will Make You Feel Personally Attacked

Do you relate?

The K-Pop fandom is a diverse community made up of millions of people, but fans have plenty of things in common. These 20 memes are a little too accurate…

1. If your phone looks like this, you might be a K-Pop fan.

2. Prepping for a dream vacation like:

3. The “Welcome to K-Pop” starter kit

4. *cries in 140p*

5. I feel judged…

6. #KpopSupremacy

7. This entirely necessary part of the process:

8. When reality slaps the Wattpad right out of us

9. School just got interesting…

10. Stanning isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life.

11. Online concert? Say no more.

12. Admit it. You’ve done this.

13. Finally!

14. K-Pop fans on Instagram

15. Please, please, please….*pterodactyl screeching*

16. We’ve got this!

17. The worst game of Bingo you’ll ever play

18. Albums, merch, concert tickets…

19. Capturing the moment

20. Karaoke night