These Are The 12 Latest Major K-Pop Music Video Milestones

All of these MVs have earned a ridiculous amount of views.

When it comes to K-Pop music videos, it’s always exciting to see your favorite artist or song reach big milestones in views. While in the past, it used to be uncommon for songs to reach even 100 million views, these days it happens quite often, though it’s still an impressive achievement! Here are the latest milestones for K-Pop MVs, by the 100 million mark.

12. “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK

“Kill This Love” came out on April 4, 2019, and quickly became one of the most-watched K-Pop music videos within the first 24 hours. On September 2, 2020, it became BLACKPINK’s 2nd music video to reach an incredible 1 billion views! It also has 16.2 million likes.


“DDU-DU DDU-DU” was released on June 15, 2018. It was the first K-Pop group music video to reach 1 billion views, on November 11, 2019. More recently, on September 5, 2020, the MV reached an incredible 1.3 billion views (1,300,000,000), making it still the most-watched K-Pop group MV!

10. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK

“How You Like That” came out earlier this year, on June 26. Fans had been waiting forever for the group to have a comeback, and they flocked to the MV when it was released to give it tons of views very quickly! On September 7, 2020, the MV reached the 500 million mile mark in record-breaking time.


“WANNABE” came out on March 9 earlier this year, and the MV from this killer rookie group was an instant hit. It has already surpassed the 100 million views mark, and now, as of September 8, it’s reached over 200 million views as well!

8. “Shine” by PENTAGON

“Shine”, released on April 2, 2018, is by far PENTAGON’s most popular and most-watched music video. On September 21, it finally reached 200 million views, which were very well-deserved — this song is a total bop!

7. “Dynamite” by BTS

“Dynamite” has been taking the world by storm since its August 20 release this year, and has been breaking records left and right in all kinds of categories. On September 25, it reached the 400 million views mark, and is quickly approaching 500 million (now at about 445 million views!).

6. “Not Shy” by ITZY

ITZY rocks this list yet again with their latest hit, which came out on August 17 of this year. “Not Shy” reached the 100 million mark on September 27, which is an impressively short time!

5. “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Of course, “Gangnam Style” is still by far the most-watched K-Pop music video that exists, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. Released on July 15, 2012, the music video reached the 3.8 billion (3,800,000,000) view mark on September 30!

4. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK

This wasn’t BLACKPINK’s most-watched music video in the first day, but it has still gained a lot of views very quickly since its August 27 release! On October 1, the MV reached 300 million views.

3. “Chicken Noodle Soup” by J-Hope

J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup”, released on September 27, 2019, is the most-watched BTS solo music video! This amazing collab has done incredibly well, and reached 200 million views on October 4.

2. “DNA” by BTS

“DNA”, which came out on September 18, 2017, became BTS’s first music video to hit 1 billion views on June 1 of this year. A couple months later, on October 4, it has now reached 1.1 billion views (1,100,000,000)!

1. “Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

And most recently, BLACKPINK’s latest song, which came out on October 1, has hit the 100 million view mark already as of October 5!