These Are 10 K-Pop Music Videos That Are Pro-LGBTQ+

Loud and proud.

Please note that some of these music videos may not explicitly state that they are pro-LGBTQ+ but that they do contain scenes, characters, and messages that resonate with the community.

1. “Heart Attack” – Chuu (LOONA)

The music video shows Chuu obsessed with fellow LOONA member Yves. Many fans have interpreted it to show that she is in love with the other.

2. “Like Paradise” – Kriesha Chu

The music video shows two female friends who realize their feelings for each other. One of the scenes shows Minju (current IZ*ONE member) giving a gift to Kriesha Chu, a common practice when confessing to someone you love in Korea.

3. “Please Don’t” – K.Will

The music video shows a man visibly upset over his friends getting married. Many people believe that he’s upset over the girl, but in the end, it is revealed that he is actually in love with the groom.

4. “Excuse Me” – BESTIE

In one scene, one of the members has a crush on the guy. Wanting to see the boy’s true intentions, the girls put on a pair of glasses to see what they truly want. The members are surprised to find that the boys are gay!

5. “One More Day” – SISTAR

A girl is in love with her friend who is in a relationship. However, the friend realizes that she is also in love with her and they plan to run away together. The boyfriend realizes her plans and tries to stop her, which results in the girl killing him. The pair run off together and hide the evidence.

6. “Wish Tree” – Red Velvet

A sweet and calming music video. The video shows the girls going on a date and celebrating a nice winter day together. They take pictures, eat together, and even hold each other’s arm.

7. “D Island” – Hera

The music video shows two girls in a relationship relaxing by the beach when three men appear from the beach. There, the men try to tear the girls apart while the girls try to reach out for one another. They fight to be with each other, but one of the girls is overpowered by two of the men and is dragged out into the ocean. Her love is left crying on the beach, unable to get back her love.

8. “All In” – MONSTA X

The music video is about fighting for independence, which includes the freedom of loving who you want. There’s a scene where Kihyun and I.M. rest their foreheads against one another and another scene where Minhyuk and Hyungwon are in a bathtub together, fully clothed but lying down on each other, holding hands

9. “Love is a Dog From Hell” – Mad Clown (feat. SURAN)

This song follows ones transition from male to female. It’s shown in the start that he has a girlfriend, but they face conflict when they confess their true identity. Soon, they start wearing feminine jewelry, nail polish, feminine clothes, and a bobbed wig. The two people in the relationship appear to love each other, dancing together in the woods. The girl appears to stay with them even during their transition, holding their hand despite how different they are now.

10. “Touch” – ANDA

ANDA is seen in a party full of girls. Around her, girls are flirting and touching each other, some even making out with one another. Girls are lying around her, playing spin the bottle, dancing, drinking, and just having a good time. There are scenes where she partakes in intimate acts with girls, like being in a bathtub with a girl and having a girl on top of her.

Which song is your favorite?