These Are The Top 15 Most Poorly Chosen K-Pop Stage Names, Based On SEO Searches

Fans recognize these stage names, but Google doesn’t.

When it comes to K-Pop idols choosing what their stage name will be, it’s likely oftentimes a difficult decision to make, since that’s what they’ll be known as by potentially millions of people! Sometimes idols choose to use their real name, but oftentimes they come up with something unique to make them stand out. Unfortunately, however, this can sometimes backfire.

The following 15 idols have unique names when it comes to creativity, there’s no doubt about that! However, when it comes to searching up these idols on Google or other search engines, the names they chose aren’t as ideal when it’s based off of SEO. This can make it really difficult to find the idol from a search without including other information besides their stage name.

15. Way (Crayon Pop)

Typing in the word “Way” will get you 10,360,000,000 search results on Google! While it’s unlikely that she’ll be promoting as a solo artist anytime soon, having this stage name would have made standing out on search engines quite difficult.

14. K (Top Secret)

Of course, single-letter stage names are bound to be bad for SEO! Searching “K” will get you 10,400,000,000 results on Google. Along with being a letter of the alphabet, it’s also Kellogg‘s stock symbol, as well as the commonly used “k” in texting.

13. LE (EXID)

Searching up LE’s stage name alone will bring up 10,620,000,000 results on Google. While “LE” might not mean anything in English, it is the French word for “the”, and thus commonly found on search engines.

12. N (VIXX)

Another single-letter stage name! Looking up “N” on Google will bring up 11,600,000.000 results. N chose this stage name from the last letter in his real name — Hakyeon — but that might not have been the best choice in terms of SEO.


While the colon in E:U might make it seem like it would stand out, it becomes simply “EU” in search engines, which brings up 13,590,000,000 results. The most common search result is the European Union, which of course is EU for short.

10. Love (OnlyOneOf)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this commonly used word brings up 13,750,000,000 results on Google. Everyone is searching for love, and more often than not, it’s usually, sadly, not OnlyOneOf’s Love!

9. (JJCC)

Like E:U, E.Co’s name might look more unique with how it’s written, but in a search engine, it will be seen as “eco”. This commonly-searched word will bring up 14,600,000,000 results on Google, with people looking up all sorts of eco-friendly or eco-related things.

8. Red (M.Pire)

This stage name, of course, is also a color, and looking up “red” will bring up 16,260,000,000 results on Google. Since it’s a primary color as well as a popular movie, and many other things, it’s definitely a commonly-searched word.

7. Sign (MAP6)

This common word brings up 16,690,000,000 results on Google. People could be searching up anything from their zodiac signs, to road signs, to reading signs other people are giving off — you get the picture, it means a lot of things!

6. V (BTS)

Yet another single-letter stage name, looking up “V” will get you 17,020,000,000 results on Google. People searching the letter may be looking up the BTS member, or they could be searching a magazine, a drama series, or even Visa since their stock letter is, well, V.

5. Y (Golden Child)

Y is the second-highest-ranking single-letter name on this list, with the letter bringing up 17,120,000,000 results. Along with being a letter, when typing in “y” in Google, it will auto-finish the word as “YouTube“, which millions of people search for on a regular basis.


The highest-ranking single-letter name on this list, “L” brings up 20,140,000,000 results on Google. He is planning on going by his real name — Kim Myungsoo — for his acting career, which will bring up many more search results for him!

3. New (The Boyz)

Looking up “New” on Google will bring you 24,690,000,000 total results. With it being such a common word, and with people constantly looking up all kinds of “new” things online, it’s no wonder it has so many results.

2. I.N (Stray Kids)

I.N’s name is actually tied with the first place position as well, since they both reach the maximum of 25,270,000,000 results for a single Google search. Again, the period in I.N’ s name wouldn’t register in a search, so it’s basically the same as looking up “in”, which is an extremely commonly-used word, as well as the first two letters of the popular app Instagram.

1. D.O. (EXO)

Coming in tied for first place is D.O., or “do” in terms of Google’s search engine, which also brings up the maximum 25,270,000,000 results. Fortunately, he does often go by his real name for his work outside of K-Pop, so that will get him much more easily found when searched.

Source: YouTube