Each Member Of LE SSERAFIM Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous In Real Life, And These Fan-Taken Photos Prove It

Which member is your bias?

The members of HYBE and Source Music‘s newest girl group, LE SSERAFIM, are all visuals! Though they’re already gorgeous in official photos and videos…

LE SSERAFIM | @lesserafim/Twitter

…the way they look in person is just as mind-blowing. Check out proof of this below!

1. Sakura

First up, Sakura was born to be in the center position!


Her charisma and beauty are even more prominent in real life.

2. Yunjin

Yunjin has unique features that help her stand out from the crowd.

Yunjin | @fimlorii/Twitter

She was definitely one of the top visuals at each point of her life, from high school to the K-Pop world.

| @fimlorii/Twitter

3. Eunchae

Maknae Eunchae is even cuter in person!

Eunchae | @tweetysilver06/Twitter

Her bright smile is ten times more contagious in real life.

4. Garam

Garam is classically beautiful, and her fancam videos accurately capture this.


Her symmetrical features and eye smile are both praise-worthy!

5. Kazuha

Kazuha is a rising star for a reason! Her fresh and pretty features are emphasized in close-up videos.


It’s definitely hard to look away from her.

6. Chaewon

Last but certainly not the least, Chaewon has the kind of visuals that are even more outstanding in person.


Her smooth skin, button nose, and friendly aura give her the perfect girl-next-door vibe.

One thing’s for sure, everyone in LE SSERAFIM is gorgeous in real life!