17 Most Legendary Moments Of Female Idols That’ll Have You Watching On Repeat For Days

As chosen by netizens.

K-Netizens have compiled a list of the most legendary moments by female K-Pop idols of all time! And they’re sure to have you watching them on repeat over and over and over again!


1. Tzuyu’s Legendary Hair Flip


2. Suzy’s Adorable Smile


3. Jung Chaeyeon Setting The Ending Fairy Standard


4. Irene Taking Us All To Havana


5. The Discovery Of Sohee The Mandu


6. Taeyeon Making Us Buy Everything She Ever Endorsed


7. Seungyeon’s Pigtail Cuteness Overload


8. Can You Say That Again, Yoona? Your Beauty Was Too Distracting


9. Chungha’s Perfect Glitter Timing



10. The Day Son Naeun Became The Face Of Adidas Leggings


11. The Krystal-Sulli Sandwich


12. That Fierce Jeongyeon Look


13. This Adorable Maltese – I Mean, Seunghee


14. Ye-tzy!


15. YooA Is Just A Child


16. The Aegyo Of All Aegyos


17. The Cheese Kimbap Epidemic

Source: Nate Pann