Literally Just An Article About How Beautiful NCT Is (Hint: DAMN!!)

Prepare your hearts, it’s almost too much to handle!

1. Jungwoo

Jungwoo why do you have to be some handsome?


Don’t you know that you could give someone a heart attack with that look?


He looks ridiculously good from every angle!


What a cutey!


Vogue knows what’s up.


Jungwoo’s bringing the smolder!


2. Chenle

Yes, he actually woke up like this.


Wait! I wasn’t ready for this attack!


He can make something as silly as a pencil mustache look adorable!


Is he a professional model or something? Visual king!


No one can pull off those glasses quite like Chenle!


3. Yuta

Knock it off Yuta! How are you so good-looking?


Oh, my heart! That smile is just too much!


Gosh, darn it! Now I want to be that straw!


Yuta why do you have to make my heart flutter like this?


Seriously!? The sexy concept. Just how much do you think I can handle?


4. Renjun

And you thought Paris was the city of love, well what about Renjun in a Paris inspired shirt?


Those emojis are on point!


What a perfect summertime concept.


Where is this beach? I want to go!


Look at his perfect fashion sense too.


SM Entertainment knows what’s up! Perfect teaser photo.


5. Johnny

If only Johnny would stare so intently at me!


Okay, but why is he so handsome?


Wow, he’s makes those nerd glasses so hot!


Anybody else want to run your fingers through his hair? No, just me?


Formal wear suits Johnny. Pun intended!


DJ Johnny is beyond sexy.


6. Lucas

Lucas stop looking at me like that!


How can he be bad and good for my heart at the same time?


Just one word: wow!


Lucas surrounded by Lucas signs? Yes, please!


That smile is just too adorable!


7. Haechan

Haechan I didn’t sign up for this!


No Haechan! I said stop it!


How are you even pulling off purple hair with so much style?


Those finger hearts may just be the death of me!


The world spins around Haechan.


8. Kun

All hail King Kun!


What is SM Entertainment feeding these boys?


Seriously, what are you doing to my heart?


I think I’m in love.


No, don’t smile at me like that!


9. Jaemin

Jaemin what are you doing?


Are you purposefully trying to steal my heart?


No! You can’t have it!


Damn. It’s too late for me!


Save yourself before he steals your heart too!


10. Doyoung

Doyoung how can you be so flawless?


Why do they all keep giving me those heart stealing looks?


Quit playing with my feelings!


Nobody should make sweatshirts look that good.


Simply angelic.


11. Jeno

What is with these boys?


Is Jeno getting blinded by his own beauty or something?


Traditional wear Jeno is the best!


Or maybe it’s sailor Jeno.


Who am I kidding? He’s always the best!


12. Mark

Close that mouth! The smile is too much.


Aesthetic prince.


How can Mark make his school uniform look so good?


How can you not fangirl or fanboy over this visual king?


These boys are the envy of everyone, they look so hot!


13. Taeil

Someone call the fire department. He’s on fire!


Someone call the doctor, I think I have Taeil fever!


What’s the diagnosis? It’s fatal, isn’t it?


Doctor wait! I don’t think I’m ready yet!


It may not be completely fatal, but Taeil’s looks could certainly kill!


14. Taeyong

Not you too Taeyong!


Just when I thought I was safe, Taeyong attacks with his soft cotton-candy hair.


Seriously how will anyone survive with these boys around?


No! No! My heart can’t handle this!


Stop! I don’t think I can take much more!


15. Jisung

Jisung, why are you so mesmerizing?


What a cutie-pie!


And now it’s a complete 180.


I feel so attacked right now.


Not the blue hair again! I don’t think I can handle this!


16. Ten

Can I be reincarnated as that book, please?


Ten why are you doing this to me?


How dare you be this hot!


Baby don’t stop!


Or maybe you should because I don’t think I’ll last much longer!


17. Winwin

Winwin is winning my heart!


What’s in NCT’s water? How can all the members be so sexy?


Ah! The visuals are too strong!


It doesn’t matter what he’s wearing or how his hair is, he’s always so handsome.


Winwin, why do you have to be so perfect?


18. Jaehyun

I’m not ready for this at all!


My heart!


Why is each member so determined to play with my feelings like this?


Don’t you know those kind of guns can kill?


Okay, I’m officially shook.


My poor heart! I feel so attacked right now. They’ve stolen it and I don’t think I can get it back.