These Little Kid TWICE Dance Covers Are So Adorable, Your Heart Will Explode

It’s official – everyone loves dancing and singing along to TWICE!

The TWICE phenomenon isn’t limited to adults and teenagers… little kids can’t seem to get enough of their songs or choreography! Parents all around the world are sharing clips of their children, some as young as three months old, rocking out to TWICE’s hit songs – and the result is adorable AF! Check out some of the most heart-melting TWICE dance covers out there!


1. This baby ONCE shaking his hips to “Dance The Night Away”.


2.  “Shall we start? Go go!” (Her facial expressions take the cake!)


3. This has got to be the youngest “TT” cover… as performed by a sleeping baby?


4.  This “Heart Shaker” toddler is clearly a fan.


5. When even the customers stop to watch, you know it’s special.


6. She got so into it she threw her toy.


7. This six-year-old wins in “TT” enthusiasm.


8. This 1.5 year old knows how to cheer us up.


9. Almost three, she nails the timing!


10. The ultimate dance challenge!


12. Bonus: Ebichu TWICE dance cover