10+ Times Lovelyz’s Mijoo Shook K-Netizens With Her Hourglass Body

Her figure is flawless in #4!

Lovelyz’s Mijoo gained attention from netizens for her beautiful figure. Check out these 10+ times her confident aura and sexy curves were front and center for the cameras!

1. Netizens agree her body line is incredible.


2. She’s curvy yet slim.

3. She also has a good sense of humor and killer confidence!


4. She owns the stage.

5. Her charisma is unmatched.

6. Her sexy charms are evident next to her cute Lovelyz members.

7. Her doll-like visuals make her stand out even more.

8. It’s no wonder she’s getting attention for her killer body.

9. Her selfies helped netizens realize how amazing her proportions are.

10. Look at the way she glows!

11. Even during her funny poses for the camera, she can still show off her sexy figure!


Mijoo isn’t just sexy…she’s also hilarious! Check out her funniest moments below where she posed in typical “Mijoo style” to for the cameras.

10+ Times Lovelyz’s Mijoo Posed Hilariously Extra For The Cameras That Will Make You Stan Her

Source: Nate Pann