Here Are Male Idols Who Make Fans Gasp For Air Because Of Their Ethereal Beauty

#3 is a rising star.

While there are many male K-Pop idols who are known for their gorgeous looks, Korean netizens have pointed out how three in particular are almost unreal. “Ethereal” is the best way to describe these idols, and it’s easy to see why!

Check out who these idols are below.

1. NCT 127’s Taeyong

NCT 127‘s Taeyong is often considered the pseudo-leader and center of SM Entertainment‘s youngest boy group.

With his pretty looks, he stands out wherever he’s positioned on stage.

He has a small face with perfectly symmetrical features. The first time you glance at him, you’ll want to look twice.

Besides his good looks, Taeyong is also known for his amazing rapping and dancing skills, making him a well-known ace of NCT!

2. BTS’s V

BTS‘s V is often named “an idol’s idol” because of his wide variety of facial expressions that he can switch in an instant.

He knows how to use his handsome features to the fullest, and he commands every performance with his stage presence.

Magazine shoots and random camera footage always come out with V standing out in some way.

While “V” does not stand for “visual”, it’s sometimes hard to see why not!

3. THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

Finally, THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon is another visual who is recently gaining attention from the public.

Not only does he have a great face, his body proportions are also jaw-dropping.

He had notable parts in the stages of THE BOYZ in Mnet‘s show Road to Kingdom, which his group ended up winning.

Juyeon has a masculine look that is somehow still delicate.

As his promotional materials prove, his visuals are unreal!

With their ethereal beauty, Taeyong, V, and Juyeon can make everyone gasp for air just by looking at them.

Source: Pann and theqoo