These 5 Male Idols Are Perfect Starting From Their Eyes, Nose, And Lips, According To K-Netizens

#3 is a real face genius.

These handsome male idols are perfect from the first moment you see them. Every inch of their face is flawless according to K-Netizens. Check out the top 5 who will leave you breathless with their insane visuals!

1. V (BTS)

V is known for his strong T-zone and gorgeous facial features.

He often gets compared to western celebrities for his tall nose bridge and big eyes.

From his strong brows to his adorable smile, his face is virtually flawless!

2. Yohan (WEi)

Yohan stole fans’ hearts on Produce X 101 and now as a member of WEi.


His doe eyes and plush lips give him doll-like visuals.

He’s the definition of a “face genius!”

3. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Cha Eunwoo is often recognized for his flower boy visuals.


His profile alone makes him stand out.

As the perfect blend of handsome and cute, fans can’t get enough of his visuals.

4. Park Jihoon

Jihoon was immediately recognized for his beautiful eyes when his famous wink on Produce 101 Season 2 went viral.


His stunning side profile shows he has no flaws in each facial feature.

His beautiful eye shape can’t be replicated with makeup.

5. Siwan (ZE:A)

Siwan’s gorgeous face is immediately eye-catching.


His face has the perfect harmony of stunning features.

It makes him totally mesmerizing!

Source: TheQoo