MAMAMOO’s Dimples Expose The Members’ Personalities And It’s Hilariously Accurate

#Dimplemoo is something we can get behind.

MAMAMOO is known for each having their own vibrant personality and character traits. Surprisingly, these qualities coincide with their types of dimples, which fans find both hilarious and adorable. Read on to see how the girls suit their unique dimples!

1. Hwasa – Long Dimples

Long dimples give off a “cute, soft, and also mature, sexy image at once.” They suit Hwasa’s seductive and intriguing look, framing her smile in a classy way.

Hwasa’s beautiful smile pops with a red lip and her long dimples!

2. Solar – Mouth Corner Dimples

Mouth corner dimples help to create a “cute, prim, and also precocious image.” Solar radiates this kind of sweet energy every time she smiles.

Solar’s mouth corner dimples are deeper than the ocean.

3. Wheein – Central Cheek Dimples

A “young, cute, and also soft impression” can be created by central cheek dimples. Given the nickname “Wheepup” for her cute, puppy-like personality, these dimples compliment her bubbliness!

Wheein’s central cheek dimples are just begging to be poked.

4. Moonbyul – Upper Cheek Dimple

Upper cheek dimples, known as “Indian Dimples” in Korean, can “give off an innocent and naughty image.” These two opposing descriptors make sense after seeing Moonbyul’s wholesome laughter that is both angelic and/or slightly devilish, depending why she’s laughing.

Moonbyul’s upper cheek dimples show how hard she’s laughing and make us want to laugh along with her.