Here Are The 3 Fashion Eras MAMAMOO Enjoyed The Most (And The 2 They’d Rather Forget)

Where did your favorites end up?

MAMAMOO has spent this year celebrating their 7th anniversary as a group, having recently made a comeback with their greatest hits album I Say MAMAMOO: The Best. 

While filming the MV for the album’s title track, “Mumumumuch,” Moonbyul and Wheein discussed which stage outfits have stood out to the girls over the years. Here are the three outfits they decided were their favorites and the 2 they’d rather not wear again.

1. Favorite: “Um Oh Ah Yeh”

When initially asked to pick “Any comfortable outfit that made the promotion easier?” both girls immediately picked their high energy, funk song “Um Oh Ah Yeh”.


The song tells the story of a complex romance where the girl in the song is in love with a guy who turns out to be another girl! In the video, all of the members but Solar wore men’s clothing and the fun and fresh outfits that went with the comeback’s concept.

When reminiscing about this era for the group, Moonbyul shared that “The clothes were comfy somehow,” to which Wheein responded, “It was pretty.”

2. Forget it: “Gogobebe”

A fan favorite comeback was the 2019 hit “Gogobebe.” But it turns out only the fans loved the fashion of that era as Moonbyul revealed that “…the outfits for Gogobebe were not good.”


“Gogobebe” featured a fun hip-hop beat with lyrics about enjoying yourself no matter what. Many loved the eclectic fashion that the group showed off. This “hodge-podge” style played into the “love yourself” message the song sent.

However, the fashion didn’t allow all the messages to come across. Moonbyul shared her honest thoughts on how the costuming affected choreography, which the captions summarized as “(It’s pretty but) the materials weren’t airy, and they had to do powerful choreography in them…”

3. Favorite: “Wind Flower”

“Wind Flower” was the title track from the group’s Blue;s album. When discussing favorite outfits, both quickly agreed that they “liked the ones for Wind Flower.”


“Wind Flower” had a unique charm that let the girls’ personalities shine both onstage and in the MV. The song talks about carrying on after a breakup, and the costuming was dominated by more casual fall and winter looks.

When first discussing the outfits from this era, Wheein couldn’t help but express that “the ones for Wind Flower were lovely too.”

4. Forget it: “Décalcomanie”

One of MAMAMOO’s sexiest title tracks was “Décalcomanie”. While the looks were hot, Moonbyul revealed that “Everyone suffered from the outfits for ‘Décalcomanie’.”


The costuming for this group era was memorable as the girls played with both their feminine and masculine sides. In some performances, they wore sultry, tight dresses, while in other performances, they rocked full three-piece suits. Talk about duality!

When deciding which side of this era was the worst for them, Wheein and Moonbyul came up split. Wheein shared that “For me, my outfits were pretty overall in Delcacomanie too, but I was uneasy with the one that looked like suits,” while Moonbyul conversely shared that, “I liked that one.”

5. Favorite? “Starry Night”

The final era on the list was for the group’s title track, “Starry Night.” Wheein was confident of her love for this era, sharing that “the outfits for Starry Night were pretty too,” to which Moonbyul could only reply “umm.”


“Starry Night” featured a lot of unique prints and more summery pieces. The girls wore many outfits that involved denim, with one of the more memorable stage outfits involving the group in jean shorts.

While Wheein was strong in her love for the look, Moonbyul was a bit less sure. She shared, “the ones for Starry Night were just so so.” Wheein was taken aback by this, having believed Moonbyul “umm” to have agreed, but Moonbyul just replied, “no, I didn’t say yeah. Umm, I said umm.” All Wheein could say was, “the stress level that I feel when I’m with you is like…”

Which of these outfit eras is your favorite? Were you surprised to find out any of these were as uncomfortable to the girls as they revealed? Let us know, and to see the full behind-the-scenes, check out the video below: