20+ Hilarious MAMAMOO Moments That Radiate Chaotic Energy To Celebrate Their 6th Anniversary

Congrats, MAMAMOO!

Besides oozing with talent, one of MAMAMOO‘s greatest strengths is the smile they bring their fans with their hilarious and quirky personalities. To celebrate 6 years of MAMAMOO’s chaotic energy that fans love, here are 20+ moments that will put a smile on your face.

1. Welcome, is this your first time with Beagle-moo?

2. It just comes naturally to them.

3. A typical day in the world of MAMAMOO.

4. Obviously, Moonbyul’s sheer strength sent the girls flying.

5. She’s a master of kinetic energy.

6. Watch each member individually and you’ll understand their personality.

7. Small-moo.

8. Queens of derps.

9. Moonbyul totally left Solar hanging.

10. Nobody:

MAMAMOO trying to do group photos:

11. Poor Wheein.

12. They’re the squishiest.

13. Teletubbies never looked so adorable.

14. They never seem to run out of expressions.

15. What did you expect, a serious dance?

16. Solar being accidentally ignored is precious.

17. Casually stealing Solar’s spotlight.

18. MAMAMOO fansigns are definitely a unique experience.

19. That time Wheein exposed some TMI information about the girls.

Wheein Once Called Out MAMAMOO’s Chest Size…And It Was Absolutely Hilarious

20. Or that time they left a bra in plain sight by mistake.

Fans Notice Something Embarassing In The Background Of MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Instagram Live

21. Let’s hope for many more years of craziness, amazing music, and group hugs!