9 Things MAMAMOO Have Said That Sound Like Fake Subs But Aren’t

Moonbyul totally exposed Solar in #6. 🤣

The girls of MAMAMOO are not afraid to speak their minds…and this can make for some hysterical conversations. Here are 9 times they said things that may make you wonder if they were translated correctly— and yes, they are.

1. Solar reveals her boyfriend to MooMoos.

2. If the lie detector says so…

3. What goes on in their minds?!

4. RIP gummy bears that Wheein has devoured.

5. Solar was alluding to individual talents, but Wheein interpreted it in another way.

6. Why not both?

7. If this is the case, Wheein, you’ve succeeded.

8. “TMI” doesn’t exist for MAMAMOO.

9. We all feel like Hwasa some days.

Source: Twitter