If You Don’t Have These 15 Iconic GIFs Of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Saved, You’re Not A Fan

#5 is one of her most beautiful moments.

To consider yourself a true MooMoo and a true Hwasa stan, check out these legendary GIFs that belong in your camera roll, like, now.

1. This is how queens walk.

Step aside, peasants!

2. Her skin is absolutely radiant.

What a sunkissed beauty.

3. In case you thought Hwasa was intimidating, here you go.

Nothing says scary like a chicken on your head.

4. The ever-so iconic twist of MAMAMOO visuals.

From sexy and charismatic to innocent and pure, both girls are gorgeous in their own ways.

5. She’s a model.

Or at least, she totally should be.

6. Every dainty thing she does is eye-catching.

A true beauty who isn’t afraid to show it.

7. Here’s the moment Hwasa stans lost their minds.

The color red was never the same again.

8. You can’t watch this GIF just once.

Seriously, it’s mesmerizing.

9. Waiting for Hwasa to drop her skincare routine ASAP.

Who knew someone so gorgeous can exist?!

10. She knows what she’s doing to fans.

We love a confident woman.

11. Her expressive features are one of the most charismatic things about her.

One look at her and she’ll steal your heart.

12. Here she is recruiting you to be a stan.

Now you have absolutely no choice.

13. Try not to get lost in her eyes.

There’s no escape…especially because it’s in sloooooow mooootion.

14. Body goals, confidence goals, everything goals!

Hwasa is just goals.

15. She has a loving, comforting vibe.

She seriously loves her fans more than anything.