Here Are 9 Tweets That Sum Up Exactly How We Feel About MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Personal Instagram

You’ll relate to #3 on a spiritual level.

Recently, Hwasa of MAMAMOO opened her own personal Instagram account and fans are tweeting the most hilarious and relatable reactions.

1. Hwasa stealing Wheein’s thunder.

After Wheein’s recent online broadcast announcing she was going to open her own personal Instagram account, fans might wonder if Hwasa purposely swooped in.

2. “UwU-ing” over her profile picture.

Choosing her friendship tattoo with Wheein as her profile picture, Hwasa shows her priorities in the sweetest way.

3. Everyone else can go home.

She’s about to take over this app.

4. “Hwasa effect will show up stronger than ever…just wait.”

Lately, whatever Hwasa touches becomes sold-out. This phenomenon, known as the Hwasa effect, will only grow as people can follow her every move on social media.

5. Think of the possibilities for her worldwide growth.

This could open new doors for international exposure in a plethora of ways.

6. Her intentions may be questionable.

As long as we get content.

7. The sudden realization.

Just because she has it, doesn’t mean she’ll use it.

8. Really, someone has to remind this girl.

Fans told her to make an Instagram account, but did they tell her to post?

9. The waiting game.

Luckily, Hwasa has finally posted her first picture and MooMoos are no longer starving. Huzzah!

Follow Hwasa’s Instagram account below!

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