10 Relatable Fan Tweets Reacting To MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Teaser “Intro : Nobody else”

Your heart will NOT be okay.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa released an emotional teaser titled “Intro : Nobody else” for her 1st Mini Album [María]. From crying over the beautifully somber poetry to typing at 90 MPH analyzing the inner meanings, here are 10 relatable fan’s tweets reacting to the news of the queen’s solo album.

1. It’s totally fine. Why am I crying?

2. Maybe this is who “María” truly represents.

3. “Hyejin as Hwasa” will make you think.

4. The arrows are fired at her but never make contact.

5. International MooMoos have entered the chat.

6. There’s something everyone can relate to with such a deep message.

7. So much analyzing…so much typing…

8. An inspiration.

9. Hwasa spreading messages of self-love is what we need!

10. Hwasa is capable of incredible things. All we can do now is wait!

Check out Hwasa’s emotional teaser below Intro : Nobody else for her 1st Mini Album [María]!